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At home, at the bar, at the restaurant: when small catering goes big, cold weather becomes the best friend in the kitchen

Preserving food over time has never been easier

Thanks to the blast chilling and freezing cycles, Entry allows you to preserve all kinds of food, raw or cooked, without altering its characteristics and organoleptic properties, drastically reducing microbial growth and bacterial proliferation. It preserves the quality of your products for a long time, expands your customers' choice and serves dishes faster, always as fresh as if they were just made.

Frame Benefits

Raw materials always fresh and tasty

Preserving food longer and safely ensures raw materials are always fresh and of high quality, preserving their nutritional properties, colors, and fragrance.

Time optimization

Blast chilling and freezing enable early preparation of courses and raw materials, potentially increasing the speed of service by up to 70%.

Waste reduction


The blast chilling and freezing system keeps food in perfect condition much longer and dramatically reduces the repetition of the same preparations. Processing time is reduced by up to 50 percent while increasing production efficiency.

For passion

At home a valuable ally

With Entry you bring professional blast chiller performance to your home as well. Experiment with new recipes, preserve food longer, save time in preparing special dishes with always fresh and quality ingredients.

By profession

Ideal partner for every restaurateur

Optimize the preparation of dishes in the kitchen, balancing throughout the day the use of resources and staff shifts. Entry becomes indispensable in professional settings, from the small bistro to the large restaurant allows you to serve your customers with speed and quality.

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