Proofing and baking

From proofing to blast chilling, all the quality of bread in the kitchen

Enhance natural rising Offering fresh bread with optimal consistency and high digestibility, while enhancing traditional recipes, has never been easier. Thanks to the proofing cycle, the Chef can set the ideal temperature and humidity to enhance the natural leavening process, leaving it to Nortech Plus to maintain perfect conditions throughout the process and obtain a low yeast content and highly digestible dough.

Time and night-work management
Working time management is revolutionised thanks to the Nortech Plus retarding cycle. The Chef has the possibility of setting up a concatenated cycle of blast chilling - retarding - rising - proofing, which optimises work times at night and on days when the kitchen is closed, enabling the best organisation of the resources employed and the hours available.

Oven-baked bread deep-freezing
The customisable deep-freezing cycle at -18 °C of freshly baked bread maintains intact the characteristics of the product, which, once defrosted, will look as if it has just come out of the oven. The convenience of directly portioning the blast-chilled bread makes for optimised service and preserves the quality of freshly baked bread, drastically reducing waste.

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Proofing and baking

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