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We are an agile company with a long history behind us. People ready to find solutions and offer products that ensure greater productivity, less waste and high reliability. And we have been doing that since 1977.

Who we are

Normann specializes in temperature management products

Normann is an agile company specializing in temperature management products. Centered on customer-facing service through the production of high-performance solutions and professional support with quick, direct and targeted interventions.

Today we are at the side of professionals in the catering, pastry and ice cream industry, with a range of modular products of high constructive quality. We offer them a personal and direct relationship, with advice throughout the phase of choosing the most suitable product for their needs and quick and timely support throughout the product life cycle.


Guarantee efficient solutions for organizing and managing the work of food professionals. Continuity of production, speed up preparation time, maintain food safety, and reduce waste. All thanks to products functional to their business and highly performing and reliable.


Our roots:
the naval sector.

Normann founds its roots 1977 in the highly specialized cruise ship catering industry. This is a market that requires special attention in meeting the strict USPHS safety standards.

Since 1995 Normann has been designing and manufacturing rapid blast chillers for the professional catering market. Efficient solutions for the organization and management of preparations and dishes in the kitchen, capable of meeting the strictest food safety regulations and ensuring continuity of production through direct and fast support.

Be part of our family

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    We are recognized for our ability to build direct relationships with customers and for our ability to offer knowledgeable and fast support throughout the product life cycle. Choosing Normann means first and foremost choosing people on your side, as well as high-quality, reliable products.



    The company has innovative production machinery that allows all key production processes to be developed in-house. These processes are controlled throughout the production chain, making Normann a flexible and customer-focused company.



    For us, being agile means offering a range of modular products to simplify interventions and having a direct relationship for effective and fast assistance.


    For us it is important that those who choose us can have production continuity, maintain food safety and reduce waste.


    We take care of and help our own customers directly and continuously, creating relationships of trust.


    We are always looking for solutions to improve and innovate and we are people ready to support our partners throughout the pre and post sales.

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