Low temperature cooking

It enhances flavors, safeguards nutritional values, and increases food quality.

EXALTING THE QUALITIES OF RAW MATERIALS Low-temperature cooking safeguards the flavors, colors and textures of dishes: slow and nonaggressive gives surprising results. Combined with Nortech Plus ventilation and humidity control, it enables even cooking without drying out the product.
NIGHT COOKING / DRYING CYCLE Optimizes work by taking advantage of downtime such as overnight hours, with preset and customizable cycles that at the end of Nortech Plus' low-temperature cooking, automatically proceed to blast chilling and storage of food.
VASOCOTTURE AND UNDERVOCTAGE Low-temperature cooking is ideal for Vacuum and Vasocottura, gentle processes that do not attack the product while enhancing its nutritional and organoleptic characteristics. In Vacuum, Nortech Plus core probes make effective simultaneous preparation of different dishes that need customized temperatures.
COOKING "DELTA T CONSTANT" Allows the temperature difference between the cell and the core of the product to remain unaltered, allowing slow and delicate cooking suitable and enhancing the qualities of food without compromising its structure.

Low temperature cooking

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