All the power
of cold

Excellence in blast chilling and deep-freezing for quality and organisation in the kitchen

All the power of cold

All the power of cold: high performance and low consumption.

The perfect balance of cooling components and optimised heat flows make Nortech an environmentally-friendly ally. Thanks to its 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of blast chillers, Nortech incorporates the best solutions available on the market, guaranteeing high performance and low consumption.

Gastronorm 1/1 and EN 60x40 trays on one stand with variable capacity

Multi-tray. Multi-level. Maximum flexibility.

The entire line is able to increase its capacity thanks to the new multi-level concept. The tray holders have been designed to allow even simultaneous use of Gastronorm 1/1 or EN 60x40 trays of different heights, increasing the amount of use, without compromising air flow and always guaranteeing maximum machine performance.




A more extensive menu for your customers. Preserve product quality for a long time, expand your customers’ choice, and serve dishes as fresh as if they had just been made.

NORTECH advantages

of waste

The blast chilling and deep-freezing system keeps food in perfect condition for much longer and drastically reduces repetition in preparation.

Time optimisation

Blast chilling and deep-freezing make it possible to prep dishes and raw materials in advance, potentially increasing the speed of service by up to 70%.

Reduction of microbes and bacteria

Nortech lowers the core temperature of food down to +3°C, minimising the food’s stay in the maximum bacterial growth range (+60°C to +10°C). Thanks to its speed, Nortech extends the life of foodstuffs and guarantees maximum health and safety.

Multiple applications

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