All the power
of the cold

Excellence in blast chilling and freezing for quality and organization in the kitchen


All the power at your fingertips.

Nortech App is the simple and intuitive navigation tool that allows you to take advantage of all the power and versatility of the Frame system. Thanks to the 7" capacitive touch-screen display, you can easily manage all the functions of the blast chiller.


Chef's creativity.

Thanks to the dedicated cookbook, you can use many convenient preset functions, edit and save your changes, or create settings for custom recipes. You can repeat your recipes over time and always ensure consistent results, turning your creativity into new standards of excellence.


Optimizing organization
in the kitchen

With the ability to set up to three phases for each cycle, Nortech allows the Chef to express his or her creativity to the fullest.

All preset cycles can be customized to suit your needs and saved in the Nortech cookbook.


Accurate ventilation control

The Frame system's new-generation fans ensure higher performance and lower energy consumption than standard fans.

Ventilation accelerates and optimizes the blast chilling process, evenly circulating cold air in the cell and fully enveloping the product. Percentage adjustment of fan speed makes it possible to process even the most delicate foods such as those used in confectionery, always ensuring the best result.


Control and precision in every operation

Nortech uses up to 4 core probes, or a multi-point probe with 3 reading points.

This allows for true control of core temperatures in each operation, enabling precise reach for each food being processed, alerting the operator when each product is ready.


Maximum hygiene, maximum safety

Nortech adopts an integrated ozone generator for optimal cell sanitization. An advanced, non-invasive technology, also adopted in the medical field, which enables it to reach even hard-to-access areas, ensuring maximum hygiene and effectively eliminating bacteria and odors.

Adjustable ventilation

Accurate ventilation control

Nortech's next-generation fans ensure higher performance and lower power consumption than standard fans.


Works in accordance with HACCP standards

The Nortech system works within HACCP standards and allows all data to be saved and downloaded within a USB key. By saving haccp data, the entire work cycle is monitored and saved within Nortech, with the ability to be transferred via usb stick or simply monitored via display.

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