Leavening and retarder proover for bakery

From leavening to blast chilling, 
all the quality of bread in the kitchen.

Enhancing natural leavening

Offering fresh bread with optimal consistency and high digestibility,
enhancing traditional recipes, has never been easier.
Thanks to the leavening cycle, the Chef has the possibility to set the ideal temperature and humidity
to enhance the natural leavening, leaving to Nortech Plus the task to maintain the perfect conditions
throughout the process and obtain a highly digestible dough with low yeast content.

Time and night work management

Work time management is revolutionized thanks to the Nortech Plus retarder-proofer cycle.
The Chef has the possibility to set up a concatenated cycle of blast chilling – retarded proofing - awakening - leavening
that allows you to optimize the working times at night and on closing days,
allowing you to better organize the resources employed and the available hours.

Freezing of bread baked in the oven

The customizable freezing cycle at -18 ˚C of freshly baked bread
keeps intact the characteristics of the product, which, once thawed, will be as delicious as if it was just baked.
The convenience of directly portioning the blast chilled bread helps to optimize the service
and preserve the freshly baked bread quality, and dramatically reduce waste.

Our series of leavening and retarder proover for bakery: